How to Ensure I Blacklist You: Faleena Hopkins Edition

I’m not a fan of erotica. I’ve tried a few, and I just can’t get into it. Fifty Shades of Grey was boring and poorly written, Dark Lover had so many cliches and a terrible plot, Bound to You had a “Jesus H. Christ, I can’t even” plot point, the list goes on. It probably doesn’t help that I’m asexual and I basically become brain-dumb after reading one too many sex scenes. So when I see a book with the word cocky in the title, chances are it’s an erotic book and I’m not going to read it anyway.

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Book Review: Heist Society Series by Ally Carter

Since my reviews of each book are short, I decided to make them all one post. Overall, I enjoyed this series. It might read a bit young, a bit too clean for some people. You know how there’s YA for everyone, and then there’s YA you read that you just know is for young adults? This falls into the latter. Depending on the book, sometimes it doesn’t bother me. I love reading older Nancy Drew and The Hardy Boys books (mostly the Casefiles series from the eighties), even though now they read as books for young people. I don’t care, I still like them. Heist Society is the same way.

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Book Review: Jessica’s Guide to Dating on the Dark Side by Beth Fantaskey

This book had potential, but fell woefully short.

Jessica is a ‘normal’ (aren’t they always?) seventeen year old girl until Lucius shows up and tells her that she’s a vampire princess and he is her betrothed. At first she doesn’t believe him and thinks he’s a stuffy, pompous jerk, until we get further in and the story (mostly) falls into a pit of predictability.

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