The Nope Book Tag (2018 Edition)

I’ve seen some neat book tags on Booktube, blogs, and aminos, so I figured I’ve give one a whirl.

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New E-Reader! Back to the Indies I Go!

Hey, all! My e-reader broke about two years ago, and I was saving up for a new one. Unfortunately, the one I wanted was discontinued before I had a chance to buy it. It was the Kobo Touch, and before it was taken off of the shelves, it was $80. The Kobo Aura, which was the next cheapest one and therefore the cheapest one in stock, was $130. I have no use for a back light, so I couldn’t justify paying that much extra and was waiting for the price to take a dive. A good friend gave me her old Kobo Touch because she never uses it, preferring paperback books. Thanks, Kim!

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